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I'm Adam Durrant, I help grow some of the worlds most exciting brands by upskilling & extending their marketing teams.

Short projects
Ad-hoc support
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Core expertise

Technical auditing

Enterprising industry tools and almost a decade of SEO know-how, my technical review methodology is complete, robust and world-class

No code web design

Bespoke online experiences without complex code, using accessible tools to empower you, your brand and your search engine optimisation

Content marketing

Copywriting, illustrating, building & coding search-led content that outperforms top results and delivers evergreen traffic from a high intent audience

Actionable SEO training

Bypass conflicting & convoluted information on the web with actionable training that provide real world examples, data and case studies

Analytics support

Account audits, code deployments, tagging and custom reporting to help you capture actionable data and optimise your digital journey

Website quality review

Website quality is key to high rankings. Get a concise assessment of how your website stands up to google's ever expanding quality guidelines

Growth, for good

What good SEO looks like

I recently fell in love with the team at imaware™, a pioneering at-home health testing platform for chronic illness and disease. They enlisted my help to improve visibility & help grow the brand.

Via technical recommendation, solid keyword research, targeted content production & UX considerations, the US health care business has, in 9 months, achieved over +170% growth in organic revenue and +264% growth in organic traffic.

Having Adam as an extended part of our team has fundamentally shifted my views on embedded consulting.
Working with me

My approach

If you hire me, you hire an extended member of your marketing team. I work with you to grow a valuable audience; no middle-man, no ‘hand holding’, no salesmen and no boilerplate box-ticking.

Whether it’s project work, ad-hoc consultancy or a fully embedded service, my clients always get:

  • Dedicated, 1:1 consultation
  • Automated performance reporting
  • Roadmap & task management tracking
  • Access to rich data from industry leading tools
  • A focus on lasting results, not one hit wonders
  • A ‘stop anytime’ policy (pick back up anytime)

Most asked questions

What does an SEO consultant do, exactly?

A search engine optimisation consultant is someone with experience running successful organic search campaigns and who knows SEO strategy inside out. My role as an SEO consultant is to provide you with the best advice, the best tools and the most efficient strategy that is bespoke to your business and its consumers. The goal of this is to grow organic search traffic and conversion for your brand.

Typically, SEO consultants will be able to audit a website to highlight any technical issues, content gaps and UX weaknesses. They should also perform strong competitor research to see what your competitors are doing well and look for any opportunities they have missed.

Following thorough research, the goal then is to build a solid strategy for improvement aimed at their business goals. Typically, business owners I speak to want to achieve:

  • More online sales
  • New customers walking into their local business
  • More leads to their service business
  • Increased brand awareness
  • More focus on their most profitable service or product
  • More visibility online
  • More air time in 'industry conversation’

Here’s a great video from Google explaining the types of things a specialist can help with.

Are there any requirements to bring you onboard?

One of the most important requirements is that you have full access to be able to develop your website from top to bottom. SEO consultants need to be able to access, amend and implement code changes. It can be a huge challenge to improve search visibility without access to the core of a website.

Be prepared to work through your legacy issues - if, for example your CMS is behind the times and creates inaccessibility on the front end, this is something we will need to work with or around in order to grow.

Sometimes in this situation I'll discuss the possibility of using my time to rebuild a website or section of a website from scratch, laying solid SEO foundations in the process. If you don’t feel the above example applies to you, the only other requirement is your understanding that my input will require some resource to facilitate.

For example, a content or technical audit may require resource from a web developer in order to fix issues around your website’s architecture/setup etc. Or, I may need your in-house expertise to create quality written content. Generally I find that the more my clients are invested and are able to facilitate recommendations, the faster and more impactful the results I'm able to achieve.

How long does it take to see results?

Below is a link to a video from Google detailing how to hire a great SEO.  Maile from Google also explains that it can take up to 12 months for Google to fully understand the improvements that you’ve made. I advise clients to stay working with me for at least 6 months to ensure that we can see the results of our efforts. Maile explains more in this video.

How much do you charge?

My hourly rate is £80p/h.

An average fully retained embedded service for a medium size company will roughly costs between £2,000-£5,000 per month depending on size &complexity of business as well as your unique goals.

Although I recommend at least 6 months on retainer with me to see the results of our labour, I won’t bind you into any contracts, you can leave and pick back up with me anytime.

Note: If cheap and fast SEO worked, everyone would rank number 1.

My budget is tight, can you still help?

For me, there’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ SEO package because every situation is unique.

If you want to invest in your business and get started with search engine optimisation that's awesome! I can maximise your budget as best I can to achieve strong steps toward progress - things just may take longer than usual.

If it’s weekly consultation, reporting, email guidance, a one-off audit or just ad hoc projects, I can build strategy to fit your needs. Let's chat!

Client & colleague love

Kind words from past clients & colleagues

“Adam is a fantastic person to work with. He has extensive knowledge in building high performing websites... From the start, he was very articulate and did a fantastic job presenting a roadmap on how we would work together to improve our site's SEO. He is super patient, knowledgeable, and has excellent client relationship skills.”
Amir M.
“Adam made a tremendous difference advancing SEO for Interflora's brands - he possesses a naturally curious mind to deliver measured improvement at pace, with real passion. It was a real pleasure working with Adam. I would have no hesitation in recommending the talent he would bring to organisations big or small.”
Ben Freeborn
Head of customer experience, Interflora
“We asked Adam to carry out an audit of our website to uncover it’s weaknesses and on his findings implement a strategy to grow traffic and revenue. In short we have found Adams advice absolutely invaluable and have absolutely no hesitation in thoroughly recommending his skills.”
Simon Porter
Director, James Porter & Son
"Adam is a superstar and a total delight to work with.  He is trustworthy, eminently likeable, but above all, he is talented, creative and understands the commercial imperative behind what he is being asked to do. He has worked within an agency and in-house, giving him a huge amount of insight and empathy into what businesses are looking for."
Wendy Shand
Founder, Tots to Travel
“Working with Adam over the past year or two has been fantastic. We initially started with an overhaul of my existing website to make it more SEO friendly and worked up to redesigning the whole site from the ground up, with Adam taking on design as well as SEO.”
Peter Mason
Founder & MD, Peter Mason Photography
“Adam is the real deal. From a commercial standpoint, his approach to strategy is thoughtful and rooted in a genuine passion for problem solving. No matter the ask, he always goes above and beyond, comfortable stepping outside of his lane to help where needed. Having him as an extended part of our team has fundamentally shifted my views on embedded consulting.”
Jo Vos
Chief Marketing Officer, imaware™

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